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Chip Seal Road work starting in Mid July 2017

Streets included

28 11/16 St- Tagalong lane

28 1/2 Ave- Tagalong lane

28 1/2 Street- Edinburg road

28 58 Ave- Edinburg road

28 1/8 Street- Skrupky road

28th Street - W Lothian Cir

28 1/4 Street- E Lothian Cir

Crack fill road work will also be going on the streets in Mikana.

Special Meeting on Town of Cedar Lake Law enforcement coverage

Who: Town of Cedar Lake property owners

What: Town of Cedar Lake Law Enforcement Coverage Public Input Hearing

When: Saturday, August 19th, doors open at 8 am with hearing beginning at 9 am

Where: Mikana Town Shop

Why: To  receive public input that will assist the Chair and Supervisors in reviewing out current law enforcement coverage.  This review is part of a total review of all budget line items.  Focus is on Justification (threat assessment), stewardship of taxpayer dollars (budget costs) and best practices (coverage common to our geographic area.


  • Introductions
  • Restate purpose of hearing
  • Sheriff's comments
  • Property owner input
  • Next steps
  • Adjournment
Meeting Rules:
  1. The Town Chair will facilitate the meeting.
  2. Speaker sequence numbers will be given upon arrival.
  3. Optional written comments will be gathered prior to the hearing start time.  Comments are limited to 1 page and must include signature and legible/written first and last name.
  4. Speakers will be limited to one-3 minute time frame.
  5. The public input hearing will be recorded.


The town will be accepting credit card payments for real estate and personal property taxes.  Have your parcel number(s) ready, bank account and routing number available.  Transaction fees are: 2.39% for credit cards or $1.50 for E-checks less than $10,000 and $3.95 for visa/debit card.  The link is :

Currently not available  

ELECTION April 4th 2017:


Town Chairman-       155      Jon Sleik  

                                  225      Ken Leners

Town Supervisors-    232      Tony Wolff

                                  143      Roger Menk

Town Supervisor-            Cory Weiss

Town Clerk-                     Maryhelen Drew

Town Treasurer-              Gadys Roux




You can request an absentee ballot by mail to: Maryhelen Drew, P O Box 2013, Mikana, WI 54857. Your application must be received no later than 5 pm, on the Thursdsay before the election (Thursday, March 30, 2017) in order for an absentee ballot to be sent to you.


You may also request an absentee ballot by e-mail This request must be made no later than 5 pm on the Thursday before the election (Thursday, March 30 2017) in order for an absentee ballot to be sent to you.




·                 U S Postal Service; Your completed absentee ballot must be postmarked no later than Election day and  received by the Town Clerk no later than 4 pm on the Friday after the election.              

·                 Other delivery (FedEx, hand-delivery, etc); Your completed absentee ballot must be delivered to the

Town Clerk no later than 8 pm on Election Day.




In-person absentee voting runs on weekdays for two weeks before an election, ending at 5 pm on the Friday before the election. Early voting is no longer permitted on weekends.



VISIT FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT CEDAR LAKE                                 

                                IMPORTANT 911 INFORMATION


Know your street name and street number; it can help save time for emergency service responders. If you call 911 from your land line the dispatcher already knows your address, street number and street name. However, if you call from a cell phone the dispatcher has no address until you give it to them over the phone. Today over 80% of the 911 calls in Barron County come in from cell phones

To help ensure accuracy and save precious minutes it is best to give both the street name and the street number when giving your address. To give your address provide the four digit house number (2733) followed by the street number (27 ½  Ave) and the street name ( Edgewood Road).

Because of the lakes in Cedar Lake, roads curve, stop and start and can be quite confusing even with the numeric system. That is why our Town street signs have both street numbers and street names on them. Typically avenues run east and west while streets run north and south, unfortunately we have some roads that do not follow those rules.

Every minute is important when there is an emergency, please help yourself and your emergency responders give dispatch your complete address. If you have an alarm company or health service line or similar service make sure they have your complete address so they provide dispatch with the best information on your location.

CODE RED Community Notification Enrollment

Barron County has contracted with CodeRED to allow anyone throughout the County the opportunity to receive free emergency alert notifications and weather warnings that require immediate action. These notifications include emergency evacuations, shelter-in-place instructions, missing children alerts, silver alerts, tornado warnings, etc.

Anyone wanting the free service of emergency or weather alerts sent to their cell phone, VoIP phone, or email accounts; needs to register by visiting our Facebook page or and clicking on the Code Red icon in the lower-right column.

Additionally, the registration page will allow users the opportunity to sign up to receive emergency weather warnings. Users will have the option to receive alerts anytime the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning, severe weather warning or flash flood warning for the address entered on the enrollment page. This system will only notify you if your exact address is in the warned polygon area issued by the National Weather Service. Therefore, you only receive alerts that pertain to you.

If you have any questions, please contact Barron County Emergency Management at 715-637-6732.

Mike Judy
Barron County Emergency Management

Your information is only provided to Barron County Emergency Management and Code Red, and is NOT provided to solicitors. 

Fire Numbers/House Address

The Town has replaced about 20% of the fire numbers this year and will be doing the same until they have all been replaced.  The new signs are two sided and much more effective for the emergency services folks to see.  The town will pay for one sign per property.  If you would like additional signs they can be purchased from the town patrolman for $30 each.  The primary purpose of the fire numbers is to identify your location for the fire department, ambulance service, USPS and others.  It is very important that the fire number be visible from the road.  Typically they are placed near the driveway just off the shoulder of the road, please do not relocate you fire number without consulting with our Town Patrolman, Mike Gallo

Several private roads access multiple properties; each address accessed on the private road will have an individual sign placed on a totem pole at start of the private road.  It is important that each property owner who uses a private road to access their property determine how many more address signs are necessary to direct emergency services to your residence.  Think about an ambulance trying to find your address in the middle of the night.  How will they know how to get to your residence.  If you would like assistance, feel free to contact our Town Patrolman, Police Chief or Town Chair.

Road Right of way  

Each year there are several questions that arise regarding Town Road right of way.  The area 33 feet from the centerline of the road is the right of way.  The only things allowed in the right of way are mailboxes and approved signs (fire numbers, street signs, stop signs, etc).  Each year we mow the right of ways in the Town to keep them open for plowing snow in the winter and maintaining safe visibility.  Trees, bushes, basketball backboards and the like are not legal and do not belong in the right of way.  The only things permitted in the right of way are mail boxes and approved signs.


The proper placement of mailboxes is to have the front edge of the mailbox at the edge of the gravel shoulder furthest from the roadway, if you would like assistance locating your mailbox contact our Town Patrolman.  the Town recommends using a swing arm type mail box.  The roads are plowed to keep the snow as far off the roadway as possible.  To effectively remove the snow, the plow may travel at the posted speeds.  Regrettably the force of the snow sometimes knocks down mailboxes.  The Town does not accept responsibility for replacing mailboxes but will work with those who have a swing arm type mailbox.


 It is illegal and a safety issue to plow snow across a Town, County or State highway.

Driveway Permits

If you are locating a new driveway you need to contact the Town Patrolman, Mike Gallo, at 715-234-3817 (town shop) and leave a message. The town will determine if the driveway is necessary and if a culvert is required.  If a culvert is required, the Town will order, deliver and charge you for it.  

Building permits

Building permits are required for any new construction, any remodeling that costs more than $20,000 and/or expands your structure by more than 400 square feet, and freestanding garages. Contact our UDC inspector, James Helstab at 715-220-0259.

Police K-9 Fund  The K-9 committee would like to thank all those who donated to the K-9 Fund and to remind everyone that can make tax deductible donations to the Fund by sending a check to:  Attn: K-9 Fund, Town of Cedar Lake, P.O. Box 2013, Mikana, WI. 54857


 Unless otherwise posted, snowmobiles are allowed on all Town roads and are subject to all posted speed limits, etc.

ATV'S/UTV'S Ordinance 5-9-2016 

States "All Town Roads that connect to ATV/UTV trails or routes shall be designated as ATV/UTV routes". Refer to below for specifics. 


  ORDINANCE 5-9-2016

-All Terrain Vehicle and Utility

Terrain Vehicle Routes-





Section 1: Title and Purpose.


The title of the ordinance is the Town of Cedar Lake, Barron County, Wisconsin All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and Utility-Terrain Vehicle (UTV) Route Ordinance. The purpose of this ordinance is to establish ATV and UTV routes in the Town that connect to other routes/trails in adjacent Towns and to regulate the operation of ATVs and UTVs in the Town.



Section 2: Authority.


The Town Board of the Town of Cedar Lake, Barron County, Wisconsin, has the specific authority to adopt this ATV and UTV Ordinance under §23.33(8)(b) and (11) and 60.10(2)(c), Wis. Stats.



Section 3: Operation of ATVs and UTVs.


A. Pursuant to §23.33(4)(d)4., Wis. Stats., except as otherwise provided in §23.33(4), Wis. Stats., no person may operate an ATV or UTV on the roadway portion of any highway in the Town except on roadways that are designated as ATVand UTV routes by this ordinance. 


B. Operation of an ATV/UTV on a roadway in the Town that is an ATV/UTV route is authorized only for the extreme right side of the roadway except that left turns may be made from any part of the roadway that is safe given prevailing conditions.  


C. Speed limits shall be as posted. 


1. Maximum speed limit shall be 35 mph.


2. If no ATV/UTV speed is posted, speed limit shall be at least 10 mph below posted speed for automobiles.


D. Headlights shall be turned on and in working order at all times while operating on the roadway or shoulder.


E. ATV/UTVs shall operate in single file and shall not operate side by side. 


F. Each operator shall hold liability insurance of :

$10,000 for property damage

$25,000 for the injury or death of one person

$50,000 for the injury or death of more than one person



Section 4: Designation of ATV and UTV Routes.


The following routes are designated ATV and UTV routes in the Town:


A. All Town Roads that connect to ATV/UTV trails or routesshall be designated as ATV/UTV routes.


B. The Town Board reserves the right to modify the designation of routes, from time to time, by amending this ordinance. Prior to amending the ordinance in this manner, the Town Board shall hold a public hearing as to proposed route changes. 



Section 5: Procedures for Adding/Deleting Town Highways as Routes.


Town highway and highway segments may be added/deleted as ATV and UTV routes though the following process:


A. A property owner or resident within the Town must petition the Town to add/delete a highway or highway segment. Petitioners must obtain petition forms from the Town Clerk. The petitioner must secure a majority of signatures of all the property owners/residents on the highways.


B. The Town Board shall, within 30 days of receipt of the petition, review the petition and make a determination as to whether the highway or highway segment in question is appropriate for use as permitted under this ordinance.


C. The Town Board shall hold a public hearing on the petition. This public hearing may be held in conjunction with a regularly scheduled Town Board meeting. The testimony at the public hearing shall be considered before route changes are adopted. The Board shall make reasonable efforts to ensure residents on affected highways are given notice of the public hearing.  


D. Following the public hearing the Town Board shall discuss the proposed change, but it shall not modify routes until matter is brought up for consideration at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board.


Section 6: Conditions Applicable to ATV and UTV Routes.


Pursuant to §23.33(8)(d), Wis. Stats., the following restrictions are placed on the use of the Town ATV and UTV routes designated by this resolution:


A. Routes shall be marked with uniform ATV and UTV routessigns in accordance with Sec. NR 64.12(7), Wis. Adm. Code. No person may do any of the following in regard to signs marking Town ATV and UTV routes:


1. Intentionally remove, Damage, Deface, move, or obstruct any uniform ATV/UTV route or trail sign or standard or intentionally interfere with the effective operation of any uniform ATV and UTV route or trail sign or standards if the sign or standard is legally placed by the state, any municipality, or any authorized individual.


2. Possess any uniform ATV and UTV route or trail sign or standard of the type established by the department for the warning, instruction, or information of the public, unless he or she obtained the uniform ATV and UTV route or trail sign or standard in a lawful manner. Possession of a uniform ATV and UTV route or trail sign or standard creates a rebuttable presumption of illegal possession. 


B. Operation shall be subject to all provisions of §23.33, Wis. Stats,. Which is adopted as a part of this ordinance by reference, pursuant to §23.33(11), Wis. Stats.


C. A copy of this ordinance shall be sent by the Town Clerk to the Department of Natural Resources, the Barron County Sheriff’s Department, and any other law enforcement agency serving to the Town of Cedar Lake.



Section 7: Age Restrictions; Certification.


No person shall operate an ATV/UTV on any of the designated routes subject to this ordinance who fails to meet all of the following conditions:


A. Each operator must be 16 years of age unless accompanied by an adult.


B. Each operator shall hold a valid safety certificate as defined at §23.33(5)(b), Wis. Stats.



Section 8: Signing of ATV/UTV Designated Routes.


It shall be the responsibility of the Town of Cedar Lake to place, maintain, and repair appropriate signs marking and regulating use of the designated routes. Signs shall be installed that meet the criteria of Wis. Adm. Code Ch. § NR 64, NR 64.12(7).


A. The Township may solicit volunteer labor to place and/or maintain signage.


B. No routes will be legal until signage is installed.



Section 9: Enforcement.


This ordinance shall be enforced by any law enforcement officer authorized to enforce the law of the State of Wisconsin and Town ordinance.




Section 10: Applicability of Wis. Stats.


The use of the designated routes in the Town and operation of ATVs/UTVs upon said routes shall be subject to compliance with all provisions of Wis. Statutes §23.33, §64.12 §340.01 not expressly altered by this ordinance.



Section 11: Penalties.


State forfeitures as established at §23.33 Wis. Stats, are adopted herein by reference.



Section 12: Severability.


The provision of the ordinance shall be deemed severable. If any provision of this ordinance or the application to any person or circumstances is held invalid, the remainder of the ordinance and the application of such provisions to other person’s circumstances shall not be deemed affected.



Section 13: Definitions.


All-Terrain Vehicle” a/k/a “ATV” has the meaning set forth in §23.33(1)(b), Wis. Stats., which incorporates the definition at §340.01(2g), Wis. Sats.


“Designated Route” means a Town road authorized for use by ATVs and UTVs under Section 4.a., above.


“Operator” has the same meaning as is set forth in§23.33(1)(iw), Wis. Stats., and shall further be defined as meaning a person who “operates” an ATV or UTV as the term “operate” is defined at§23.33(1)(ir), Wis. Stats.


“Roadway” means the traveled portion of any Town road.


“Town Board” means the Town Board of the Town of Cedar Lake.


“Town Clerk” means the Clerk of the Town of Cedar Lake.


Utility Terrain Vehicle” a/k/a “UTV” has the meaning set forth at §23.33(1)(ng), Wis. Stat. 












Section 14: Effective Date.


No routes will be legal until signage is installed.


This ordinance becomes effective upon adoption and publication as required by law.



Dated this ______ day of ______________ , 2016.























Golf Carts 

Golf carts are not allowed on any Town roads or right of ways.

Storm Debris Disposal

For several days after major storms the Town offers free disposal of branches and small tree parts (no larger than 6 inches in diameter).  For disposal dates and times contact Mike Gallo at 715-234-3817 or Duke Dahl at 715-234-7869.

Town Shop

We celebrated the grand opening for the Town Shop in September 2006 with over 100 residents in attendance. It is state of the art and built to handle the Town’s needs for many years to come. We are working with Barron County to have them keep up to three County trucks in the shop during the winter season. This will allow those plowing to get to their trucks more quickly, get the roads plowed more quickly, and to save fuel.

We have already agreed to rent a space to the County for one truck in the shop for $1,500 for the season. Our timing on financing the shop could not have been better. Brill State Bank gave us the best finance option at $400,000 @ 3.75% for 10 years fixed.


January 1, 2008 the Town of Cedar Lake joined with five other Towns (Birchwood, Wilson, Edgewater, Long Lake and Doyle) and the Village of Birchwood to form the BFCESD. The BFCESD provides fire protection for all of the member municipalities, except the northern half of the Town of Birchwood and ambulance service for all but Doyle, Long Lake(July,2012) and one half of Cedar Lake and the Town of Birchwood.

The BFCESD is a newly created government entity whose sole purpose is to provide emergency services for its members. The Birchwood Volunteer Fire Department and Birchwood Ambulance Service both report to the District. Each Town and the Village have a commissioner and the seven commissioners make up the Board for the Birchwood Four Corners Emergency Services District.

Previously the six Towns had contracted with the Village of Birchwood for their fire and ambulance service and the Village of Birchwood Board made all decisions regarding fire and ambulance service.

For many years the Village had an advisory group made up of all the contracted Towns who gave opinions on budget and coverage issues, but did not have any authority. The Village Board frequently found itself in a difficult position, elected to serve the Village but voting on emergency services that affected not only the Village but six other Towns. In 2007 the advisory group began having discussions about forming an emergency services district that would be singularly focused on public safety. Art Johnson, a Village Board member, had previously been involved in a fire district and was able to give some helpful insight into the benefits of forming a District. After several months of discussions and help from each of the Towns and the Village incorporation papers were developed and resolutions passed by each of the member entities endorsing the BFCESD.

While services remain the same and the Birchwood Volunteer Fire Department and the Birchwood Ambulance Service have not changed, there are several potential benefits to the formation of the BFCESD. First when decisions need to be made about emergency services they are made at the monthly BFCESD meetings and they are the only thing on the agenda. Each Town and the Village have one vote and the only issues that are dealt with are those of Public Safety as handled by the BFCESD. The next area is the potential to qualify for more grant money as a District that includes six Towns, one Village and includes four different Counties.

In today’s environment, intergovernmental cooperation is encouraged and favored by many of the groups looking at grant requests. In addition our composition may qualify for more types of grants including those that are given for the purchase of land and buildings. Each of the member entities is in the far corner of their respective County and quite a ways from County evacuation shelters. We will be pursuing the building of a new Fire/Ambulance building that would include facilities for an evacuation shelter providing we can get most of the funding for it through grants.

The BFCESD meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30pm. Starting in January and every other month the meeting is at the Birchwood Village Hall. Beginning in February at the Town of Birchwood, every other month the meeting is held in one of the Towns with April - Cedar Lake, June - Doyle, August - Edgewater, October - Long Lake and December - Wilson.

The mailing address for the BFCESD is:
P O Box 417, Birchwood, WI 54817

The commissioners are:
Town of Birchwood - Romaine Quinn
Town of Cedar Lake – Jon Sleik
Town of Doyle – Tim Stearns
Town of Edgewater – Wally Thom
Town of Long Lake - Leroy Sandridge
Town of Wilson - Earl “Bucky” Smith
Village of Birchwood – Virginia Hurckman